Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lake is good.

Am Elly, the dog. Mom (is people, not dog) says should write something interesting again. Elly like treat, so Elly write.
Go in car to lake. Lake is good. Elly like lake. Is little scary at first, but mom say is okay. Is fun to splash in water. Mom throw stick and Elly chase in water, and ground is gone. Was scary, but then could walk with no ground. Elly is superdog.
Is big thing in water. Mom says is boats. Elly like boats. Want to catch boats, but mom say no. Am good dog, so don't chase boats. And boats go too fast for Elly to catch, even if am superdog.
When time to get out of lake, not want to go. Roll in lots of dirt before get in car. Is fun. Elly like dirt. Mom not like dirt so much. Make Elly go back to lake to wash dirt off. Mom not know this is part of big plan to play in lake more. Mom is smart, but Elly is superdog.

Now is time for treat. Hope get lots of treats...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Big Boom Day

Am Elly, the dog. Am proud graduate from puppy school. Mom (is people, not dog) says that now am graduate, should do more than eat, sleep, chase ball, and lick things. Try to tell her that do more than that, also chase cat and chew sticks, but mom not listen. Mom show how to type and tell to write something interesting, but not drool on computer. So now, write something interesting because am good dog. And because mom say will give treat if write. Treats are good. Elly likes treats.

Yesterday was Big Boom Day. Mom says was Independence Day, but do not know what that is. Did not learn about Independence Day in puppy school. Will have to read up on it. Were lots of big booms. Was scary at first, but mom says is okay and am good dog, so not scared then.

When was dark outside, went outside and was lots and lots of big booms. Dad (is people, not dog) make big booms too. Was fun. Some big booms throw bright, shiny ball into air. Elly want to chase bright, shiny ball, but mom say no. Am good dog, so did not chase bright shiny ball. Okay, did try to chase ball, but mom holding leash and not let go. Tipped mom and her chair over a few times when trying to get ball. Dad think that funny. Mom did not think was so funny and made Elly sit down and watch bright, shiny balls after that. Was good dog and did not chase them anymore. Really wanted to, but was good dog. Watched careful to see where balls went and will sneak out later when mom not watching and try to find them again. Elly likes Big Boom Day. Hope everyone had good Big Boom Day.

Now will get treat because am good dog.